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National Parks in India

An area, whether within a sanctuary or not, can be notified by the state government to be constituted as a National Park, by reason of its ecological, faunal, floral, geomorphological, or zoological association or importance, needed to for the purpose of protecting & propagating or developing wildlife therein or its environment. No human activity is permitted inside the national park except for the ones permitted by the Chief Wildlife Warden of the state under the conditions given in CHAPTER IV, WPA 1972.

There are 104 existing national parks in India covering an area of 40501.13 km2, which is 1.23% of the geographical area of the country (Updated on National Wildlife Database, May, 2019).

List of National Parks (May, 2019)

StateS.No.Name of State/ Protected AreaYear of EstablishmentArea (km2)
Andaman & Nicobar Islands1Campbell Bay NP1992426.23
Andaman & Nicobar Islands2Galathea Bay NP1992110
Andaman & Nicobar Islands3Mahatama Gandhi Marine (Wandoor) NP1983281.5
Andaman & Nicobar Islands4Middle Button Island NP19870.44
Andaman & Nicobar Islands5Mount Harriett NP198746.62
Andaman & Nicobar Islands6North Button Island NP19870.44
Andaman & Nicobar Islands7Rani Jhansi Marine NP1996256.14
Andaman & Nicobar Islands8Saddle Peak NP198732.54
Andaman & Nicobar Islands9South Button Island NP19870.03
Andhra Pradesh1Papikonda NP20081012.86
Andhra Pradesh2Rajiv Gandhi (Rameswaram) NP20052.4
Andhra Pradesh3Sri Venkateswara NP1989353.62
Arunachal Pradesh1Mouling NP1986483
Arunachal Pradesh2Namdapha NP19831807.82
Assam1Dibru-Saikhowa NP1999340
Assam2Kaziranga NP1974858.98
Assam3Manas NP1990500
Assam4Nameri NP1998200
Assam5Rajiv Gandhi Orang NP199978.81
Bihar 1Valmiki NP1989335.65
Chhattisgarh              1Guru Ghasidas (Sanjay) NP19811440.705
Chhattisgarh              2Indravati (Kutru) NP19821258.37
Chhattisgarh              3Kanger Valley NP1982200
Goa1Mollem NP1992107
Gujarat1Vansda NP197923.99
Gujarat2Blackbuck (Velavadar) NP197634.53
Gujarat3Gir NP1975258.71
Gujarat4Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) NP1982162.89
Haryana1Kalesar NP200346.82
Haryana2Sultanpur NP19891.43
Himachal Pradesh1Great Himalayan NP1984754.4
Himachal Pradesh2Inderkilla NP2010104
Himachal Pradesh3Khirganga NP2010710
Himachal Pradesh4Pin Valley NP1987675
Himachal Pradesh5Simbalbara NP201027.88
Jammu & Kashmir1City Forest (Salim Ali) NP19929
Jammu & Kashmir2Dachigam NP1981141
Jammu & Kashmir3Hemis NP19813350
Jammu & Kashmir4Kishtwar NP1981425
Jharkhand1Betla NP1986226.33
Karnataka1Anshi NP1987417.34
Karnataka2Bandipur NP1974874.2
Karnataka3Bannerghatta NP1974260.51
Karnataka4Kudremukh NP1987600.32
Karnataka5Nagarahole (Rajiv Gandhi) NP1988643.39
Kerala1Anamudi Shola NP20037.5
Kerala2Eravikulam NP197897
Kerala3Mathikettan Shola NP200312.82
Kerala4Pambadum Shola NP20031.318
Kerala5Periyar NP 1982350
Kerala6Silent Valley NP198489.52
Madhya Pradesh1Bandhavgarh NP1968448.85
Madhya Pradesh2Dinosaur Fossils NP20110.8974
Madhya Pradesh3Fossil NP19830.27
Madhya Pradesh4Indira Priyadarshini Pench NP1975292.85
Madhya Pradesh5Kanha NP1955940
Madhya Pradesh6Madhav NP1959375.22
Madhya Pradesh7Panna NP1981542.67
Madhya Pradesh8Sanjay NP1981466.88
Madhya Pradesh9Satpura NP1981585.17
Madhya Pradesh10Van Vihar NP19794.45
Maharashtra1Chandoli NP2004317.67
Maharashtra2Gugamal NP1975361.28
Maharashtra3Nawegaon NP1975133.88
Maharashtra4Pench (Jawaharlal Nehru) NP1975257.26
Maharashtra5Sanjay Gandhi (Borivilli) NP198386.96
Maharashtra6Tadoba NP1955116.55
Manipur 1Keibul-Lamjao NP197740
Meghalaya1Balphakram NP1985220
Meghalaya2Nokrek Ridge NP198647.48
Mizoram1Murlen NP1991100
Mizoram2Phawngpui Blue Mountain NP199250
Nagaland1Intanki NP1993202.02
Odisha1Bhitarkanika NP1988145
Odisha2Simlipal NP1980845.7
Rajasthan1Desert NP19923162
Rajasthan2Keoladeo Ghana NP198128.73
Rajasthan3Mukundra Hills NP2006200.54
Rajasthan4Ranthambhore NP1980282
Rajasthan5Sariska NP1992273.8
Sikkim1Khangchendzonga NP19771784
Tamil Nadu1Guindy NP19762.82
Tamil Nadu2Gulf of Mannar Marine NP19806.23
Tamil Nadu3Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) NP1989117.1
Tamil Nadu4Mudumalai NP1990103.23
Tamil Nadu5Mukurthi NP199078.46
Telangana1Kasu Brahmananda Reddy NP19941.43
Telangana2Mahaveer Harina Vanasthali NP199414.59
Telangana3Mrugavani NP19943.6
Tripura1Clouded Leopard NP20075.08
Tripura2Bison (Rajbari) NP200731.63
Uttar Pradesh1Dudhwa NP1977490
Uttarakhand1Corbett NP1936520.82
Uttarakhand2Gangotri NP19892390.02
Uttarakhand3Govind NP1990472.08
Uttarakhand4Nanda Devi NP1982624.6
Uttarakhand5Rajaji NP1983820
Uttarakhand6Valley of Flowers NP198287.5
West Bengal1Buxa NP1992117.1
West Bengal2Gorumara NP199279.45
West Bengal3Jaldapara NP2014216.51
West Bengal4Neora Valley NP1986159.89
West Bengal5Singalila NP198678.6
West Bengal6Sunderban NP19841330.1

Source: National Wildlife Database, Wildlife Institute of India

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