This course is created by tesTopper team for CBSE & other State Boards Students who are studying Physics in Class …


About Course

This course is created by tesTopper team for CBSE & other State Boards Students who are studying Physics in Class 11. The language of the course is Hindi and English Combined so that every type of student can easily understand it. All contents of the course is strictly based on CBSE syllabus and NCERT Text Book. Each and Every problems solution is explained in detail so that students can easaily understand the solution and the approach used to solve the problems. This course will keep running at its own pace and once you completed the chapters you can take test and analyse yourself.


As a part of this Complete CBSE Physics for Class 11 , students get access to the following –
  1. All course classes, videos, interactive lectures, exam prep material, MCQ based testing, Take Home exam papers for a full year on all the chapters every month with highly interactive Live Classes & lectures, post class recordings & notes, assignments & all India level tests.
  2. Instant Unlimited Doubt Solving on from the teacher everyday.
  3. Every student gets a dedicated Teacher with 20:1 teacher ratio as a single contact person to take care of all of their needs.
  4. On Demand lectures in case of any special needs.
Note: This course covers the Full Syllabus of Class 11 physics with all topics.

Course Description

The course explains the observations according to the currently accepted explanations. We will study concepts of basic physics where we will understand about units and dimensions,kinematics, equations of motion, error calculation in physical quantities. We will learn methods of describing motion using newtons laws of motion, rotational phenomena, circular motion, friction and their applications in daily life.  We will consider rotational equations of motion, gravitational acceleration escape velocity of objects, orbital speed of satellites etc. In addition to that we will study properties of matters like elasticity, hooke's law, thermal expansion, fluid behavior, bernoulli's theorem, velocity of efflux, toricelli's theorem etc. We will also go through Important concepts and laws of thermodynamics like zeroth, first and second law of thermodynamics, heat engine, internal energy, relation between pressure and volume etc. Carnot engine and refridgerator is an important thing to understand in class 11 physics. Then we will study kinetic theory of gases, potential energy, degrees of freedom, mean free path of gases and waves and oscillations including dopplers effect and Simple Harmonic Motion.

Course Features

The aim and design of the course is to develop a deeper understanding of different concepts in Physics. As you work through the course, you will find lecture videos, e-text, suggestions for problem solving methods, animations, practice questions, study guides. Assignments and Tests are provided to keep track of your achievements.

Course Attachments

Download Syllabus 2020-2021 Download NCERT Physics Text Book Part -1  Download NCERT Physics Text Book Part -2  Download All Chapters Exempler Problems in Physics

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