This online Geography course has been created by tesTopper team for CBSE & other State Boards Students for Class 11 Physical Geography -  Fundamental of Physical Geography.

Course Contents

This online Geography course has been created by tesTopper team for CBSE & other State Boards Students for Class 11 Physical Geography -  Fundamental of Physical Geography.  All contents of the course is strictly based on CBSE syllabus and NCERT Text Book "Fundamental of Physical Geography". This online class for geography students in class 11th is for every such student who is interested in understanding the concepts of class 11 physical geography.


As a part of this Geography -  Fundamental of Physical Geography Course for Class 11, students get access to the following –
  1. All course classes, videos, interactive lectures, exam prep material, MCQ based testing, Take Home exam papers for a full year on all the chapters every month with highly interactive Live Classes & lectures, post class recordings & notes, assignments & all India level tests.
  2. Instant Unlimited Doubt Solving on from the teacher everyday.
  3. Every student gets a dedicated Teacher with 20:1 teacher ratio as a single contact person to take care of all of their needs.
  4. On Demand lectures in case of any special needs.
Note: This course covers the Geography -  Fundamental of Physical Geography of Class 11 with all topics.

Course Description

The course is based on Class 11 Geography NCERT Book "Fundamental of Physical Geography". The course is divided into following chapters: Chapter 1. Geography as a Discipline Chapter 2. The Origin and Evolution of the Earth Chapter 3. Interior of the Earth Chapter 4. Distribution of Oceans and Continents Chapter 5. Minerals and Rocks Chapter 6. Geomorphic Processes Chapter 7. Landforms and their Evolution Chapter 8. Composition and Structure of Atmosphere Chapter 9. Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature Chapter 10. Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems Chapter 11. Water in the Atmosphere Chapter 12. World Climate and Climate Change Chapter 13. Water (Oceans) Chapter 14. Movements of Ocean Water Chapter 15. Life on the Earth Chapter 16. Biodiversity and Conservation GLOSSARY   In this course we will study the above topics in detail and will learn and understand the concepts involved.

Course Features

The aim and design of the course is to make you learn facts about Geography with interactive tools so that you can recall them easily. As you work through the course, you will find lecture videos, e-text, animations, practice questions, study guides. Assignments and Tests are provided to keep track of your achievements.   NCERT Fundamental of Physical Geography Text Book Download [stm_lms_courses_carousel title="Online Courses for Class 11 Students " title_color="#000000" taxonomy_default="70"]

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